A. J. Johnson began his entertainment career as a stunt man. Thrilled as he was with his role "in the background"- he knew that stepping into the forefront was his destiny. After a chance encounter, legendary comedian Robin Harris told A.J. to "get up on the stage and try out comedy." These words, from such a great comedian, were all A.J. needed to convince himself - and he’s been convincing audiences ever since.

This young and talented man from Compton, California has quickly caught the eye of those "in" the industry. Dr. Dre immediately recognized A.J.’s talent and included him on his smash hit album and also featured him in his hit video "Dr. Dre" as Sleazy E.

Described as boyish, A.J. is considered by his peers in the entertainment field as quickly becoming one of the top comedy artists in the comedy business. His presence and material appeal to the young and old alike, never failing to enlist waves of laughter at sold out concerts and clubs all across the United States.

Quickly, A.J. has amassed a tremendous list of television and film appearances, from "Martin" to "Malcolm and Eddie", "BAPS", "The Great White Hype", "Panther", "Menace to Society", and "House Party I and II." A.J. can be seen currently in "How to be a Player" and is working now on a new film "I Got The Hook-Up".

These performances showcase A.J.’s acting talents in a variety of roles further ensuring a depth of character that will make him much in demand for years to come.