Al Long is the "living sequel."

At first you are utterly amazed. As he slowly ambles to the microphone, wearing his trademark black glasses and El Producto cigar in hand, you rub your eyes in disbelief. It is .. no, it can’t be…but, it is. You begin to wax nostalgic. It’s all there: the one-liners, the reminiscences about Gracie, the catchy songs. Be prepared to stroll down memory lane as you watch one of the most beloved greats of show business. You will be amazed at the resemblance that Al has to one of our all time favorites.

"Right on the money impression."
Barbara Ormsby &ndash Local Life Times Correspondent

"As a prescription for laughter, Al Long is just what the doctor ordered."
Helen A. Oxman &ndash Milestones

"Long captures Burns’ persona with almost as much precision as a mirror reflection."
Berlinda Bruce &ndash Delaware People