Few comics perform standup comedy as if they were arguing a case before a jury. For Al Lubel it is completely natural. Al left his practice as a trial attorney to concentrate on being a full time standup comedian. Within a year of quitting law Al won the $100,000 Comedy Grand Prize on "Star Search."

Lubel was born and raised in Queens, New York. After graduating from law school at the University of Miami, Lubel drove to California and began his dual life – working days arguing cases, while at night frequenting the few clubs that offered amateur nights and talent contests. "I was so desperate for an audience at first that I began doing standup routines at Denny’s," Lubel recalls. "I’d just stand up in the middle of the restaurant unannounced and start doing a routine. No one ever stopped me."

In December of 1991 Al fulfilled a long time dream by appearing with Johnny Carson on the "Tonight Show." Since then, he has appeared 6 times on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. In August of 1993 he was featured in the Showtime/BBC documentary, "A Standup Life."

His humor is introspective in nature. He rarely does "observational humor" such as, "Did you ever notice?" His humor is philosophically and existentially based. It can best be described as; "Did you ever dwell?" Al bares all, telling you more about himself that you necessarily want to know. He uses his legal ability to put himself on trial. Through this catharsis Al lets the audience know they are not alone in the world – they are with Al Lubel.

When asked if he would ever go back to law Al replies, "I’d like just one more trial, something serious like a murder trial because I want to see my client’s face…when right before I give closing argument and his entire fate hinges on each and every word I say, I turn to him and whisper…I’m a comedian."