The Amazing Johnathan, dubbed ‘The Freddy Krueger of Comedy," is fast becoming known as the most original and bizarre act to emerge from this era. His fast paced razor wit and tornado-like approach to magic is making him a legend throughout the world.

Starting his professional career as a street performer in San Francisco, Johnathan turned his boyhood hobby of magic into a full-time job. After polishing his act on Fisherman’s Wharf during the late seventies, Johnathan moved on to nightclubs and colleges in the eighties. Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed him "One of the top road comics working the circuit today."

Despite making regular appearances on national television shows around the world, it’s the live show Johnathan thrives on. Johnathan has literally destroyed audiences (and stages) with a style that has been described as a cross between Steve Martin and Alice Cooper. The reason is because on top of the sidesplitting humor, The Amazing Johnathan’s show often becomes shocking and horrific! He combines his magic with original special effects that often make audience members hide their heads under the table. One second you’re laughing until you can’t breathe and the next you’re screaming because Johnathan has Just pulled the arm off an audience member.

Oddly enough, The Amazing Johnathan’s fans range from eight to eighty. His most famous fan turns out to be President Reagan, who Invited Johnathan to perform at the 1986 Statue of Liberty Celebration, in 1990 Merv Griffin approached Johnathan about creating a game show based around Johnathan’s live show. Together they created RUCKUS, the wildest game show ever aired. It was played in Atlantic City at Resorts international In front of 700 screaming fans each day, making it the largest audience in game show history. After seeing the wild pilot for this show, NBC bought 65 episodes, which aired every night on WNBC.

Johnathan is now married and tours constantly with his wife, Psychic Sandra, who is also his better half in the show. She plays the poor, abused assistant that fails prey to Johnathan’s tricks-gone-wrong situations. They live half the year in Los Angeles and half the year in Sydney, Australia where Sandra was born and raised.