Andrew Dice Clay is the Undisputed King of Comedy.

1978 was the year Andrew Clay first stepped onto a very small stage, in a very small club called "Pips" in Brooklyn, New York and immediately mesmerized audiences with his dead-on impression of Jerry Lewis’ "Nutty Professor" character. Clay would then take a swig of his "magic potion," and transform from the nerdy, warbling "Professor" into John Travolta’s suave "Danny Zuko" character from Grease – bringing audiences to their knees with his captivating, hip-swiveling song and dance number, "Greased Lighting." The potion was fake, but the magic was real – and the audience knew it.

It wasn’t until a few years later at the Comedy Store, in Los Angeles, where Andrew would create his own stage persona and become Andrew "Dice" Clay. The tough talking, gutter mouthed comic who prayed on anything and anybody. His tongue, razor sharp, could destroy and mangle any comedy heckler and his act was so biting – that audiences sometimes didn’t know if he was joking.

Driven, determined and destined, Andrew Dice Clay became a comedy favorite. Headlining little comedy clubs from Texas to New York, Clay embarked on a ten-year struggle (a struggle Clay loved) building his fan base and landing small acting roles in movies like: Making The Grade, Pretty In Pink and Casual Sex? It wasn’t until 1986 when Andrew was cast in the role of "Max Goldman" in the highly acclaimed Michael Mann series, "Crime Story" that Andrew began to garner attention for his acting skills.

The tide turned dramatically for Clay in 1988, when Andrew appeared in the HBO Rodney Dangerfield special "Nothing Goes Right." His appearance in the special lasted all of eight minutes – but the affect was epic. His next performance would be at the 18,000 seat Nassau Coliseum. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house.

HBO executive Chris Albrecht gave Andrew his own one-hour special on New Years Eve, 1988-1989, just nine months after the Rodney Dangerfield special aired. "The Diceman Cometh," Andrew’s one-hour special created "Dice Mania," a phenomena that rocked more than the comedy world, it rocked the planet. Dice’s career skyrocketed to rock star status.


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