Bob Arno is an acquired taste. Have you got a minute? Because in zero to 60 seconds, he shifts an audience through a full range of emotions: confusion, surprise, admiration, intrigue, and awe. From then on, he maintains a steady pace of hilarity. Comedy, satire, and slick scams are cleverly blended into a superbly executed professional demonstration of pickpocketing, revealing the sly tricks of pickpockets plying city streets worldwide.

Although the strength of the show lies in its technical perfection, its appeal lies in the brilliant interplay of visual demonstration and verbal entertainment. Because there are no stock jokes, no prepared, set up lines, the laughter is generated by the moment itself, ad-lib, and the spontaneous observations of Bob Arno.

And at such impulse-generated humor, he is a master.

In an age of junk-food entertainment and formula humor, Bob redefines dynamic comedy. His devilish antics bring forth every range of laughter, staring with a few knowing chuckles and building to a tumultuous roar of comic hysteria. His pace is relentless; the result an explosion of mystery, mockery, and acid-sharp reality with a thrust of prolonged and invigorating mirth. Non-stop patter makes heads spin, while people actually double over with laughter, gripping handkerchiefs to their eyes.

If you believe there’s another specialty act dazzling, awe-inspiring, and prompting more tears of laughter, perhaps you’d be tempted b the warm handshake and Machiavellian greeting of …Bob.

Hardly the typical picture of a corporate lecture or Las Vegas stage entertainer. Six-foot and some considerable inched tall, with homes in the Algarve in Portugal, in the Stockholm archipelago, and in Las Vegas, this Swedish-born descendant of nobility is difficult to pin down.

Lack of convention has characterized the personal life of Bob Arno as much as his stage persona. In the sixties he worked as a freelance photographer in the Far East. In the seventies he was a comedy star in Sweden as well as a cruise director for the most discriminating and elite travelers on around the world luxury liners. In the eighties he starred in a major Las Vegas extravaganza, hosted his own television show in Holland and Sweden, and appeared on America’s most popular talk shows.

Immensely private, this well-bred gentleman is an intellectual dynamo, bursting with energy and comedy vitality. Sophistication and worldwide experience from traveling through more than eighty counties made him a most beguiling and seductive personality. His balancing act of charismatic Las Vegas panache and aristocratic Old World refinement is calculated, and not entirely unselfconscious; he epitomizes urbanity, authority, and hard hitting satire that shatters hypocrisy.

It was during his journalistic sejour in South East Asia that Bob ventured into the dark forces of an underground subculture stretching from India to the Philippines. While on assignment for a series on swindles in the Asian marketplace, he immersed himself among shortchange artists, pickpockets, and fake jewelry hustlers whose targets were Gis and R&R leave.

His expose’ caught the attention of the US Military and it wasn’t long before he was asked to give lectures. His presentations were so well received, he took his "act" into show business.

Today, his peripatetic comedy-show has been seen by millions around the globe.