"Everything has an invisible playmate when they were young, but mine used to talk back… and everyone was able to hear him."

The ranting of a mad child? Not at all. These are the words of Brad Cummings when asked to describe his early fascination with ventriloquism. A fascination that would lead him to become one of today’s most successful and innovative ventriloquists.

Years of practice paid big dividends for Brad as he grew older. Finally, he packed his bags (which included his clothes, his toothbrush, and his dummies) and left the humble security of Wellesley, Massachusetts to pursue a career in show business. Soon after his arrival in Hollywood, Brad became a popular performer a some of LA’s most respected comedy clubs.

The early 80’s gave this now seasoned performer a chance to expand and travel with his much sought after act. He was hired as an opening act for such stars as Frankie Valli, John Denver, Captain & Tennille, Randy Travis, Neil Sedaka and The Pointer Sisters. In addition to these tours, he also starred in the main showroom revues in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas.

All of the above-mentioned is but a precursor for what Brad Cummings has become today. He has more that conquered the art of ventriloquism, he has taken it to a new plateau. With his innovative approach, unusual characters, and unique presentation it’s no doubt that he is now recognizable face in the media. His many television appearances (Evening at Improv, Comedy on the Road, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Comic Strip Live, The Vicki Show), have allowed millions of people to witness his ground breaking style of ventriloquism. He can also be seen on many television commercials and is one of the "on air" spokesman for the Breath Asure. No wonder the prestigious Smithsonian Magazine called him "one of today’s top ventriloquists."

And in spite of (or perhaps because of) his breaking with traditional ventriloquist approach, he has also become a favorite at corporate meetings and conventions, entertaining such companies as Fujitsu, Toshiba, and even some American sounding companies.

As a result of this overwhelming success, Brad Cummings now speaks with the voice of experience… and a good part of the time without even moving his lips!