Breakfast with the Mittlemans, is a new comedy written and performed by Wendy Kamenoff and Steve Mittleman.

Performed in two acts, Breakfast, directed by Mark W. Travis is comprised of sketches, monologues, and dialogues. Sometimes Mittleman and Kamenoff portray others – a sassy seventy something couple named Gussie and Googie – "She has a bad back and he has a bad front"; a nervous bride and groom as they take that scary trip down the aisle – "you know, dead man walkin’!"; an over-therapized couple getting their moneys worth out of their sessions – She: "don’t be co-dependent." He: "I’m not, but if I was, it’d be your fault." Other times, they poke fun at themselves, presenting their own personal issues in a humorous "he said, she said, every couple" fashion. Kamenoff and Mittleman are a pair of unmatched bookends – she’s feisty, fast-paced, slightly hyper, but always optimistic; he’s dry as a martini, and has a deadpan persona that Jack Benny would admire.

Some of today’s funniest comedians, who know the genuine article, have been unanimous in their praise of this hilarious new comedy inspired by Burns and Allen and reminiscent of Nichols and May. Paul Reiser said, "These are two very, very funny people. I promise. Go and see for yourself." Jackie Mason chimed in; "I love the Mittlemans. We’ve had breakfast. In fact, I held them over for lunch."

Steve is a regular guest on Late Night and The Tonight Show, headlines at all major comedy clubs and was featured in Roxanne with Steve Martin and Woody Allen’s Radio Days. Wendy received Dramalogue Critics Choice Awards for her one-man show, undressing new jersey (and other states of mind) and Christopher Durang’s Laughing Wild. Her television work includes guest’s spots on NBC’s Mad About You.