Funny man Bruce Bruce is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. A city that has recently been invaded by the rest of the United States entertainment Industry. But only a few stars shine bright with Bruce Bruce leading the pack. This hilariously cool comedian, keeps ‘em rolling in the aisles. He first stepped on stage in 1991 and has since developed a comedy style that is truly and uniquely Bruce Bruce. Once this smooth operator steps on stage you can’t help but to feel captured by his charming smile and his very expressive brown eyes that have at least a thousand and one humorous expressions.

Bruce Bruce is an enormous talent, ‘Large and in charge’, to let him tell it. However, taking charge is a more like it, while holding his audience at attention with his lightning wit, spontaneous snaps and improvisation. Bruce Bruce is currently headlining throughout the United States. He is likely to be seen in the living rooms of millions, on television and cable alike. You can catch Bruce Bruce on quite a few episodes of Black Entertainment Television’s Comic View comedy show.

Bruce Bruce is a superb talent for the adult comedy club set and the whole family. His philosophy is to just be funny and being blue or derogatory ‘is not his bag. His comedy has an African-American base that all people can relate to. Fans leave his performances in love with him and always wanting more. He has developed a wonderful following throughout
the country and is expecting huge success, of which we know he’s destined.

Bruce Bruce also has a serious side. He loves children and has great concern for their welfare. Having three of his own he feels that his contribution to the future of this country’s youth is vital. So Bruce Bruce has dedicated time in his life to bring laughter to children, teens and young adults by visiting schools, recreational centers, churches.. .etc. Although his presentation is funny it carries some very important messages that are not to be overlooked. His current mission is to involve himself in all types of venues dedicated to stopping the violence in our society and especially the violence against our children.