"Are you the Russian guy?"
"Are you the Vodka guy?"
"Then who are you?"

Who is he? Bruce Smirnoff, the non-alcoholic, non-imported comedian.

Born in Fairfield, Connecticut on October 2, 1956, Bruce has been working in stand up comedy since he was 18. His background is different than a lot of today’s young comedy stars. While attending film school at Boston University, Smirnoff spent his summers working on the social staff at one of New York’s famous Catskill Mountain resorts. Since the 1930’s, the "Borscht Belt" (affectionately called), was responsible for producing some of the funniest and most famous comic in America. Buddy Hackett, Jerry Lewis and Danny Kaye were just some of the biggest stars to come out of the "mountains" during its heyday.

It was there that Bruce studied the masters and the "not so hots." One of his greatest teachers and mentors is Tony and Grammy award winning Jackie Mason. Smirnoff, who envisioned his act to be hip and state of the art, took the knowledge he gained in New York and headed west – to Los Angeles. He worked his way through the ranks of some of the finest clubs in LA – The Improv, Igby’s and in 1986 he was spotted at Carlo’s & Charley’s and was picked to be the first young comic to do Fox Television’s, "Late Show" starring Joan Rivers.

Since his Network debut, Bruce has appeared on almost two dozen-television shows, has toured extensively through the US, Canada and Australia, and his funny patter highlighted the 1989 Levi Docker commercials.

As a screenwriter, Bruce has penned a half dozen-movie scripts hoping for the one sale that will domino the rest of his projects. While not compiling the frequent flier mileage, Bruce spends his "Hollywood" time in acting class or "Movie Star School" as he calls it.

"LA has made me very neurotic," he says. "I had to go for therapy, I’m not ashamed to admit it, but after two years I ended it last April because I had an amazing breakthrough – my insurance stopped paying for it."

His act is simple to follow. Through a series of jokes and "bits", Bruce covers the basics of himself who-what-where-when-why. Then he talks about his favorite subject – women. His "I can’t get a date" angst highlights the performance.

"I read every book on relationships. You know what I noticed? They’re all written by women about men and you reduce is to a hill of beans! Just look at the titles – Men Who Hate Women, Men Who Can’t Commit, Men Who Should Drop Dead by Next Tuesday… I’d like to see a guy come out with a book – Women Who Sometimes Slightly Annoy Me… You’d kill him."

His act is smooth; his pace machine gun, and his vulnerability and style are his own. Watching Bruce perform is like a Neil Simon sit in your living room and talk about his trials and tribulations. Don’t miss this future star!