A veteran of more than 4,000 performances. Carl Wolfson is one of the country’s top headlining comedians. His well-crafted mix of current events and observational humor — along with a lightning-quick wit which few comics can match — have won him rave reviews and fans from coast-to-coast.

Carl’s performances combine topical humor (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL: "His political jabs are needle-sharp and his one-liners snappy") . a spontaneous style (ST. PETERSBURG TIMES: "Wolfson presents a relaxed figure on stage, shifting from written routines to audience discussion easily. He is a class act.") . . . and his trademark comedy slide show (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS: "His News Update with rapid-fire slides and commentary is bitingly brilliant.").

Carl is a frequent performer on national television, appearing on HBO, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, VH-l Standup Spotlight, An Evening at the lmprov, Comic Strip Live and the Joan Rivers Show. His weekly news segments on Thicke of the Night (THE WOLFSON REPORT) and Fox Network’s Late Show (CARLS CAMERA) were the most popular features of each show.

On the corporate circuit, Carl has performed for more than 300 organizations, personalizing his shows for each group. His list of Fortune 500 clients includes Ford Motor Company, du Pont, Poloroid Corporation, Delta Air Lines and H.J. Heinz Company

Carl began his career at Hollywood’s Comedy Store in 1980. He received his BS. in Communications from the University of Tennessee and his MA in Political Science from UCLA.