Charlie Callas may very well be the most versatile artist working in the entertainment industry today.

That may sound like a pretty big statement but when you consider what he has done and what he is doing, there can be no doubt that very few are his equal.

Following service in the US Army in World War II, the Brooklyn-born Callus became a professional drummer, playing with all the major bands of the period. While he received accolades for his performance, it was on the encouragement of his fellow musicians that he decided to try his hand as a comedian … and he has never regretted that decision.

A rubber-faced, string-bean of a man, Callas has a rapid-fire humor that has tantalized audiences in nightclubs from coast to coast. Among his nitery appearances is a one-year tour of major engagements with Frank Sinatra, including the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Charlie has also appeared at the Hilton Hotels, Caesar’s Palace, The Sands Hotel, Flamingo Hilton, Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas; Harrah’s Clubs in Reno and Lake Tahoe; Cal-Neva Lodge; Lake Geneva Playboy Club, Resorts International, Claridge Hotel and Park Place.

Charlie’s first television appearance was on a 1963 Hollywood Palace. Since then, he’s been a favorite on all the major television shows including the Ed Sullivan Show, the Jackie Gleason Show, The Merv Griffin, The Tonight Show and every major game show.

He was a regular on the Andy Williams Show and a semi-regular on the Flip Wilson and the Des O’Connor Variety Show; acted as co-host on the Joey Bishop Show and made over fifty appearances on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. He so enchanted the writers on Kraft Music Hall that they began writing special material for him.

Callas toured Europe with Tom Jones and played the Palladium in London. On British television he did a series of six specials which featured such guest stars as Sammy Davis Jr., and Jonathan Winters.

Jerry Lewis was so taken by Callas’ talent that while both where appearing on a talk show, he said, "you’ve got to be in my next movie" ….. and he was. He co-starred in the Jerry Lewis production, "The Big Mouth."

Callas was in the most enviable position of any actor when he co-starred, for three years, with Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert on the CBS hit series, "Switch." He played a different character every show proving his versatility. Plus, mentioning versatility, he was the voice of the "Dragon" in the Disney motion picture, "Pete’s Dragon."

He recently completed a Home Box Office Special entitled "The Last Great Vaudeville Show," as well as co-starring with Jonathan Winters in his special, "Take One," and the "All Star Salute to Mother’s Day" among others.

There is no formula for his shows at which there is almost always, "Standing Room Only." His humor is outlandish and his series of rapid-fire vignettes keeps audiences at the edge of hysteria.

Charlie is married and the father of two sons.
Charlie is an avid amateur astronomer.