Tax increases and standardized health care are no laughing matter, but Damian Mason as "The President’ will lead you to the lighter side of government spending.

Born in Huntington, Indiana, Dan Quayle’s hometown, Damian did not discover his "twin image" until the 1992 primaries. He is a former sales representative, whose clients often commented on his likeness to Bill Clinton. Damian gave it little thought until he was encouraged to enter a Halloween contest, where in his first authentic impression, he won $500. This gave Damian, and his alter-ego, "The President," all the encouragement they needed to launch a new career.

Since his Halloween "inauguration," Damian’s political career has taken off. He has glad-handed his way to the top with appearances in Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, and throughout Indiana. Former Indiana Governor Bob Orr knows the real Bill Clinton quite well, and had this to say about Damian, "I thought Damian looked very much like Bill Clinton...a colorful spoof of a public figure in typical American fashion, which American’s certainly enjoy."

Following the lead of the White House, Damian has boarded Air Force One and embarked on an executive fundraising campaign. With Hillary and the trusty Al Gore at the controls in the Oval Office, Damian is performing his own health-care reform as he leaves America in stitches.

Damian is available for appearances and speeches, which he will tailor to meet
the needs of his "Presidential constituency." Autograph and photograph sessions, conventions, grand openings, trade shows, and private parties are only a few of the affairs worthy of an executive appearance. No political rally is complete without a visit from "The President."