Damon Wayan’s gift for performing developed as a child as a creative means to capture the attention of his parents and nine siblings. Over the years, his unique comic style has brought him unparalleled success on stage, television and film. Most recently, this creative expression has extended into writing, producing and directing.

In 1982 Wayans began his stand-up career touring the comedy club circuit, which lead to his role as a featured player on the famed NBC television program "Saturday Night Live." Following the encouragement of friends, he simultaneously pursued a career as an actor and landing his first role in the blockbuster "Beverly Hills Cop."

His feature films include "Blankman," "Bulletproof," "Mo Money" which he wrote and executive produced. Additional film credits include "The Last Boy Scout," "The Great White Hope," "Celtic Pride," "I’m Gonna Get You Sucka," "Colors," "Hollywood Shuffle", and Wayan’s also provided one of the voices in "Look Who’s Talking Too."

Wayans was a performer and a writer for three season on the highly regarded, Emmy Award-winning series "In Living Color," for which he earned two Emmy nominations.
Among the unique and memorable characters and sketches he created and performed for the show were "Homey the Clown," "Handiman" and the wildly popular classic "Men on Film."

Wayans also starred in his own critically acclaimed specials "One Night Stand," "The Last Stand?" and "Still Standing," and served as the executive producer of "Waynehead," a Saturday morning animated show for the WB Network which featured the voices of his siblings, Kim, Shawn and Marlon Wayans. He also directed the music video "She’s Not My Lover" for R&B artist Joyce Irby.

Wayans resides in Los Angeles with his wife and four children.