A four-time Gold Medal juggler and UCLA doctoral candidate (Mathematics), Dan Bennett combines his outstanding physical and intellectual skills in one of the most distinctive variety acts on stage.

"Mastery over gravity" is the phrase which best describes Bennett’s well-crafted execution of unusual juggling feats. "Patterns have always fascinated me, whether in puzzles, mathematics, juggling or well-timed comedy routines," explains Bennett, a former college calculus professor.

His facility with sports (gymnastics and soccer) and gift for mathematics led Bennett to incorporate these elements into a mesmerizing stage performance which spotlights his lightning speed, rapier wit and broad comedy. "Learning while laughing" is Bennett’s motto and gives him a unique slant when he hosts educational seminars or performs for comedy showcases and variety events.

Adept at captivating audiences either live on stage or on the screen, Bennett’s television appearances include "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Good Morning America" and "Arsenio Hall". In demand far television commercials, Bennett has appeared in spots for such well-known corporations as the Coca Cola Company, Southwest Airlines and McDonald’s.

A sought-after performer on the club, college and cruise ship circuit, Dan Bennett’s characteristic trademark is a favorite with audiences: every time he drops a ball, block or other prop he exclaims "Ban Bennett!" As the act progresses the audience is shouting "Dan Bennett!"