Daniel Rosen is more than a comedian... he is a total entertainer and innovator in the grand tradition. The press have compared him to Steve Martin, Tommy Smothers and Gallagher. The L.A. Weekly has named him Comedy Pick Of The Week many times over. He has been featured on over 200 television shows…with network credits that include The Tonight Show, The Late Show, Entertainment Tonight, Golden Girls, Tracey Uliman, Comic Strip Live, The American Comedy Awards, Evening at the Improv, Caroline’s Comedy Hour and Comedy Central. HBO, Showtime and MTV have also showcased his contemporary brand of unique entertainment. He spent a season as co-host of FOX TV’s The Late Show and had a recurring role as the blue-haired, dim-witted Scab’ on ABC’s Head Of The Class.

At the age of eighteen, this former street performer was chosen to share the stage (and rave reviews) with Mickey Rooney in the Broadway smash-hit Sugar Babies.. .an event that would forever change his life. "Mickey Rooney was a wild man. He could do anything: incredible dead-on impressions, remarkable acrobatic pratfalls, he could sing, dance and play every musical instrument. The crowd would be laughing so hard their sides hurt. When I watched him work I said, Wow! That’s a real star. That’s what I want to be."

Today, Daniel presents a hip blend of old favorites and new wave style. He is a "Retro Entertainer". ..a 50’s letterman caught in a twenty-first century time warp. His innocuous trunk contains a seemingly endless supply of unusual inventions, outrageous sight-gags, arid slightly warped musical instruments.

One moment he’s Eric Clapton on banjo singing a song about a cross dressing cowboy.. next he’s juggling hamburgers, dynamite and a Swiss Army Cat (complete with paws, whiskers, corkscrew and a can opener). Moments later he becomes Fish-Boy, with the body of John Travolta and the head of a sockeye salmon, roaming the land for an unpolluted place to spawn (and do a little disco).

Daniel wishes he was a rock star and, in an elaborately staged and choreographed dream sequence (somewhere between Spinal Tap and Ren & Stimpy), transforms himself into the lead singer of Guns ‘N’ Roses. He leaps around the stage playing a one-of-a-kind electric guitar that looks exactly like himself. Together, the two Daniels lead the crowd into a musical climax where the guitar blows steam from it’s ears and cries (shooting water from it’s eyes all over the first six rows), while Daniel bites the head off a bat and does a "shocking" bit of guitar playing with his tongue.

There are three things you can be sure of when Daniel is on stage: you will not believe what is happening, you never know what may happen next, and whatever happens is sure to be hilarious. He’s high-energy, pure originality, and non-stop fun for everyone who loves to laugh.