Danny Gans is well on his way to superstar status, having been recognized as a sensational talent by popular celebrities like Bill Cosby, Natalie Cole and Joan Rivers, and favorably reviewed in such noted publications as Daily Variety, New York News and the ABC Radio Network.

Gans’ brilliant characterizations put him on the map in the conversation and corporate world. He immediately became on of the most sought after performers for large international companies, often playing to stadium-size crowds. Recently, Gans scored a huge hit with his one-man show on Broadway, drawing such acclaim from New York critics as, "Danny Gans is the best impressionist of all time" and "New Yorkers lucky enough to catch his show can say that they saw a superstar in the making."

In an age where few headliners can sustain a full house for more than a few days, Gans has emerged as a runaway hit superstar, playing to consistently packed houses. His uncanny ability to flawlessly reproduce tones, nuances and gestures mesmerizes audiences. His vocal range is such that he can effortlessly switch form an ‘on the money’ Sarah Vaughan to Al Pacino in a dramatic scene from "Scent of a Women". His amazing duet between Natalie and Nat ‘King’ Cole astounds showgoers.

Dans is a powerful singer and terrific dancer; he’s as comfortable portraying Prince as he is Frank Sinatra. His versatility encompasses decades of performers and include a seemingly endless repertoire. "If I counted them all, there’d probably be somewhere around 300 voices," says Gans. "I probably do about 100 a night!"

His magnetic presence captivates the audience as he takes them on a journey, one that evokes laughter at his hilarious Dr. Ruth antics at one moment and in the blink of an eye,
Emotions stir, as he becomes Henry Fonda in a moving scene from "On Golden Pond".

Married with three children, Gans resides in Southern California. A dedicated family man, Gans says he discusses all his career moves with his family as well as his manager.