The Martians have landed. They’ve been living among us for many years now. The first visitation was back in 1972, when the Starman himself, David Bowie fell to Earth and began mesmerizing audiences worldwide with his legendary "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars" stage show. Now, some twenty-odd years later, it’s happening again. This time in a slightly different form. Reports have it that David Brighton, a Young American singer/guitarist, who says no one would talk to him in school because he dressed like an early ‘70’s glam rocker, has received a vision from the Great Beyond. Awakened to the fact that he is not of this world, Brighton has assembled a most brilliant, if not slightly eccentric, group of musicians to embark with him on a musical odyssey through time and space. It isn’t exactly the Second Coming, it’s SPACE ODDITY, an uncanny recreation of the music and the magic of British pop phenomenon David Bowie, one of rock music’s most influential, outrageous and enigmatic performers.

Before receiving the revelation of his true identity, that of a space invader sent to Earth on a mission to enlighten a new generation - Brighton enjoyed the hysteria that went along with performing worldwide portraying former Beatle, George Harrison. Since the mid 1990’s, Brighton has toured internationally with the original Broadway cast of "Beatlemania," "1964 (The Tribute)," "The Fab Four" and "Twist And Shout (The Ultimate Beatles Revue)."

After hearing numerous fans and friends comment for some time that his vocal quality and appearance were curiously reminiscent of Brit rock legend David Bowie, Brighton’s eyes were opened. Night after night, while mere mortal earthlings slept unknowingly after the mundane events of the day, Brighton was answering the call, tirelessly working and planning, rehearsing his all star band in secret behind closed doors... until now. This is the Dawning. The much anticipated, wildly electrifying stage production known as SPACE ODDITY is here. Spanning the gamut of Bowie’s constantly metamorphosing career, Brighton and his Alien Host deliver every song with all of the chameleon like intensity of the original.

The rumors were true. They’re here. The Martians have landed and they’re coming to your town. Be ready.