Denis Leary is a talented actor/writer/comedian/director/editor who has starred in, written and directed numerous feature and television films, written a one-man stage show that won the Edinburgh International Arts Festival’s Critics Award, and hawked MTV and Nike on television. He is one of the most popular performers in America today, and his star is still rising.

He was born in 1958 and grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts in an Irish Catholic family. His father was a gas mechanic, and his mother was a housewife. He studied first at Saint Peter Marion High School, a private Catholic high school, and later at Emerson College. He is married with two young sons, is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and idolizes Cindy Crawford.

Leary started doing theater with the New Voices and Charlestown Working theater companies, and soon went to Emerson College where he founded their Comedy Workshop. After working there for a while, he and his wife went to Edinburgh, Scotland to write and premiere his one-man monologue, No Cure For Cancer. It won the Critics Award at the local festival, so Leary took the show to London’s West End where it was so successful that its entire run was sold out. Next, he took it to New York, where it ran off-Broadway for several months. He has now parlayed No Cure into a video, CD and book. People in Hollywood began to take notice.

Leary also did some writing for magazines as varied as Playboy and New York, including Are You Man Enough?, which shows some ideas which are similar to those shown in No Cure. He is also a contributing editor to Details, and has written for some of his films, including Two If By Sea.

He made his acting debut in Strictly Business in 1991, and moved on to work with big names including Samuel L. Jackson (National Lampoons’s Loaded Weapon I), Sylvester Stallone (Demolition Man), Danny Glover (Operation Dumbo Drop) and Sandra Bullock for the second time in Two If By Sea. However, his ‘big break’ came when he was given the role of Gus, the foul-mouth thief in The Ref. Audiences loved his four-letter derision of Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey enough to make The Ref a hit, and it subsequently raised Leary’s acting profile quite a bit.

Leary also has designs on the director’s chair, and has directed two short films for the Showcase channel. "Thy Neighbor’s Wife" stars Leary as well as Annabella Sciorra, and if you can’t figure out what it’s about, go read about the Seven Deadly sins and get outta my life. As well, he wrote, directed and acted in "King’s Wake", about a group of Bostonians affected by Elvis Presley’s death.