At face value, one only sees an attractive blonde on stage, but trust us, Destiny is anything but a dumb blonde. She likes to joke that beneath her cold exterior is a heavy moisturizer. She has that "I shouldn’t be doing stand-up" look.

Destiny’s stand-up takes a 90’s approach to comedy, in that both men and women can relate to her. Destiny reflects on her nightmare dates ("Men are always trying to impress you on the first date. They say things like, "Would you like me to order for you? No, thanks. I can lean out the car window and yell into the mic myself.") She is a woman – hear her roar.

Destiny hails from San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury; she is the child of hippie parents. She remembers, "I tried to have a normal childhood. Growing up, all the kids on my block had a Kool-Aid stand. But my parents kept spiking it with LSD. I made $12,000 that summer."

The rise to fame has come rather quickly for Destiny. She has been seen on MTV, A&E’s "Evening at the Improv," VH1’s "Stand-Up Spotlight," Showtimes’ "Comic Strip Live" and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."