Exciting things began to happen after Dick Hardwick became a comedy champion on Ed McMahon’ s "Star Search." He made an appearance in Jackie Gleason’ s last motion picture, "Nothing in Common," co-starring Tom Hanks, landed a role in "Reckless Kelly," a new motion picture for Warner Bros. and was invited by Bud Freidman to fill a coveted TV slot on A&E’ s "An Evening At The Improv." This midwesterner was off and running.

Since then, Dick has also made numerous appearances on both sides of the television camera. His stand-up has been seen on TNN’ s "The Statler Brothers Show" and "Music City Tonight," "America’s Funniest People," the Disney Channel’s "A Disney Family Album," VH1 comedy shorts, The Fox Network’s "Comedy Express" and the Family Channel’s "Stand Up Comics Take A Stand." He’s also a wonderful live studio audience warm-up comedian with over 48 episodes to his credit for The Arthur Company at Universal Studios on their syndicated sitcoms "The Munsters Today" and "What A Dummy." The producers asked Dick to appear in featured acting rolls on both shows as well. The cumulative effect of this exposure resulted in more diverse applications of Hardwick’s comedic talents. Dick has made several national and regional television commercials and he is regularly heard by millions of rush hour listeners on LA radio station KLOS with Geno Mitchilini on the "5 O’clock Funnies."

The industrial film and corporate entertainment markets discovered Dick’s abilities. He’s just completed an innovative video tutorial, with a humorous slant, for Microsoft’s® WindowsTM and hosts the Reno/Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority’s new travel video. His charismatic personality has been sought out by many Fortune 500 companies. Pepsi had Dick stage a live talk show for their national bottlers called "Late Night With Pepsi." IBM entrusted Dick with their VIP clients at the Indianapolis 500 two years in a row before, during and after the race. He then starred in one of their major presentations at Comdex in Las Vegas. GTE has again booked Dick to host their Suncoast Classic Pro-Am Golf Tournament in Tampa, Florida. Versatility is key to his success.

Dick’s comedy never misses. He’s headlined Canada’s 10-day Calgary Stampede grandstand extravaganza, and has opened for countless major superstars including Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire and Ray Charles. This special brand of humor earned him the entertainment critics award for "Best Main Room Opening Act" in Reno, Nevada.

What makes Dick Hardwick unique? Hardwick will tell you with a twinkle in his eyes, "I can do an entire routine without using a four letter word." That’s a big part of why his wholesome, zany routines are in constant demand for conventions, meetings and Hollywood events. Working clean is very natural to this hard-working comedian.

Dick, also an accomplished musician, played on "The Missing Years," John Prine’s latest record which received the Grammy Award for "Best Folk Album." When doing his stand up, the audience is amazed at how many instruments he can skillfully slip into the performance.

Hardwick sharpens his legendary act by performing at the premier comedy clubs in the greater Los Angeles area including "The Improv," "The Ice House," "Igby’s" and "The Coach House."

Hailing from Greencastle, Indiana, Hardwick never envisioned a career in comedy. He began his intended vocation playing drums at the age of eight. "As my interest in entertaining grew, I went from playing rock-and-roll at Depauw University fraternity parties to playing Dixieland at ‘Molly’s Irish Pub’ in the French Quarter of New Orleans."

His first big break came when he was hired as the interlocutor and Dixieland band leader aboard the oldest overnight passenger paddle wheel steamboat on the Mississippi River, the Delta Queen. This led to touring as drummer for Jerry Van Dyke, and every night he paid close attention to the veteran comic’s performances. "I really learned about the craft of comedy. It was a great firsthand education."

At the end of the tour with Van Dyke, a friend set up an audition at Disneyland. For the next ten years, Dick honed his talents at "The Happiest Place On Earth." Hardwick had no idea that after taking the retiring Wally Boag’ s place as the comedic star of the "Golden Horseshoe Review," (Disney’s thirty one-year-old landmark show), he would
find his name in the Guinness Book Of Worlds Records under "Longest Runs" for a live stage review. By the way, if you ever happen upon the Mark Twain Steamboat at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you’ll hear Dick playing harmonica and jaw harp on a continuous soundtrack, and at Disneyland his music is interrupted only by his voice as the steamboat Captain.

Admittedly, Hardwick is driven. A typical day includes rushing between airports, live performances and TV interviews. As Hardwick explains, "You’re either working or you’re not." He makes no apologies for his regular paychecks. Considering the current status of his career, Hardwick jokes, "In this business, you’re either making no money or more money than you deserve. I’m the only guy who’s in between. You shouldn’t be able to afford me but you still can."