Most people are either technical or artistic, but Don McMillan has proven himself to be in total control of both sides of his brain. His background is pure tech with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh and a Masters from Stanford.

His next logical step was to work in Silicon Valley as a computer chip designer, but with several patents to his credit, Don took a career turn that would not appear even remotely logical to his engineering co-workers. He traded his computer and slide rule for a stage and a microphone and became a stand-up comedian, who now headlines in major comedy clubs from coast to coast.

It was not enough to just be a comedian, Don had to be one of the best. In 1991, he won the prestigious San Francisco Comedy Competition, and in 1993, he earned $ 100,000.00 as the "Star Search Grand Champion".

In a true example of one of life’s ironies, with his educational background and all his comedy accolades, Don is best know as "Gus" in the very successful Budweiser ad campaign.