There are only a handful of entertainers who have distinguished themselves in more than one area of human endeavor. Ed Ames is one of these men. Aside from being prolific in virtually every phase of performing, he is an athlete and a scholar with a degree in Fine Arts from UCLA. He is a connoisseur and collector of art.

Everything, which Ames undertakes in life, he does with optimism and dedication. He is constantly curious. ‘There are so many things that I’m interested in." he explains, "that I never get bored. Learning is a lifelong process: no one ever completes it no one ever should."

It is because of this very kind of worldliness that Ames has earned the reputation in the entertainment industry of being such a diverse talent. Edmund Dantes Ames first made an impact on the national scene when he and his brothers were on the top of the music charts as the Ames Brothers. Later, he left them to establish his own career independently. For two years he didn’t sing a note. Instead, he studied at the Herbert Berghoff School, polishing and refining his considerable acting ability. Later, he was to study with Tamara Doykharhanova, Lee Strasberg and Milton Katselas.

His first starring role came as "John Proctor" in an Off-Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE, and was followed by another starring role in the musical comedy smash THE FANTASTICKS. Producer David Merrick and Gower Champion spoiled him in the THE FANTASTICKS and their enthusiasm landed him the lead in CARNIVAL.

His greatest theatrical triumph as a New York legitimate actor occurred in the adaptation of Ken Kesey’s serb-comic novel, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, in which he co-starred with Kirk Douglas and received sensational reviews.

20th Century-Fox saw Ed in CUCKOO’S NEST and brought him to Los Angeles to co-star in the television series DANIEL BOONE. His five seasons on the show were accompanied by his return to singing and his zooming popularity as a recording star. Acting blossomed as a servant to his singing. "Acting is a representation of life", he explains, "So is singing and I approach a song as I would a short dramatic scene." Beginning with his hit RCA recording TRY TO REMEMBER, Ames has sold more than twenty million platters for the label. His biggest hits were MY CUP RUNNETH, OVER WHO WILL ANSWER, APOLOGIZE and WHEN THE SNOW IS ON THE ROSES?

Ames is an accomplished tennis player having won many championships on the celebrity circuit and tiles to compete in sports whenever time permits. Skiing and sailing are his favorites. His interests are so varied that a 24-hour day reins his schedule more than he would like it to. Nevertheless, he is constantly experimenting and examining new avenues of learning.

A graduate of Boston Latin School, and proficient in a half a dozen languages, Ed fulfilled a life-long ambition. He attended UCLA majoring in theater and cinema arts. He appeared continuously on the Deans List while simultaneously maintaining his career and graduated with highest honors in June 1975.

On stage, Ames is famous for breaking house records with happy regularity. He has directed and starred in regional and national companies of such hits as MAN OF LA MANCHA, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, SHENANDOAH, CAMELOT and CAROUSEL.

As "Emile de Becque" in SOUTH PACIFIC, Ames had one of his most successful seasons. "To call Ames the equivalent of many a operatic star is not exaggerating the case in the least.. .Ames, a man of great natural charm anyway, was ‘de Becque," parlaying flawless accent and grace of movement into a characterization that won the audience within moments of his first appearance on stage." He appeared as "Lord Capulet" in the acclaimed Milton Katselas production of ROMEO AND JULIET in Los Angeles.

Ames has been a Lincoln scholar for some years and is a member of the prestigious "Abraham Lincoln Association." At present, he is preparing a one-man historical drama for theater and film presentation as Abraham Lincoln.

Ed has guest starred on numerous television dramas. Among them
MURDER SHE WROTE, SANTA BARBARA THE MARSHALL. THE GARY SCHANDLING SHOW, LAND’S END and many more. His critically acclaimed portrayal of the alcoholic sheriff on HEAT OF THE NIGHT was the high point of the season.

Ames has appeared in a series of concerts in and around the San Francisco/Oakland area. He performed to sold out houses and scored kudos with a program that ranged from Broadway selections to Ames Brothers favorites on up through his own record hits and pop songs of the day.

He traveled through the Far East for the State Department, as a guest of local governments to help spur interest in ecology and environment as well as care and protection of wildlife. Ed was invited by the Russian Academy of Sciences to film a documentary on Lake Baikal in Siberia. He was part of a team of American and Russian marine biologists and scientists and participated in many important scientific discoveries.

RCA has issued a C.D. recording of some of Ames’ biggest hits titled "MY CUP RUNNETH OVER." It is also available on cassette. Currently, he is preparing a new C.D. which will consist of current songs for later release.

In 1994, Mr. Ames was awarded the honor of being selected by theatergoers to the Performers Hall of Fame in Northern California. His was only the second such award for excellence in stage performances in the company of some of the most revered singers and entertainers in Show Business.

Ames remains active in many charitable causes, particularly ecology and the environment, fairness in politics and the plight of the Native American. He recently fulfilled a life dream of acquiring a horse ranch in Utah, where he raises quarter horses.