Eddie Griffin didn’t think about comedy, until three years ago. The Kansas City native was running a dance studio back then. 25 year old Griffin took a dare from a cousin, and hit the comedy stage for the first time at a local area club during "open mike" night. He talked about his life, family and friends. Eddie Griffin was hooked by the audience response... and broke. Months later he went to Los Angeles and auditioned for the legendary Comedy Store. He was hired as a doorman, and a paid regular. "It’s very unusual for a comic to grow as fast as Eddie did, recalls Comedy Store owner Mitzi Shore. He was a totally dedicated artist."

A performance on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam last year, is largely responsible for the quick ascension of Griffin. Griffin, who wears oversized berets on stage, says, he is part of a new breed of African-American comedians who are taking a closer look at their surroundings and neighborhoods. "Some might call my style pro-black, but I think the basis of all my material is truth."

In addition to Griffin’s appearance on HBO’S DEF COMEDY JAM, he recently starred in his own HBO "ONE NIGHT STAND". His special earned the highest ratings in the last two years, for an HBO half hour comedy special, and he currently has a development deal for future projects with the network.

Eddie also has a deal with WTG/EPIC, a division of Sony Music, for an album, which will feature comedy, as well as music.

Beyond his television work, Eddie Griffin has been seen in "LAST BOY SCOUT" (Warner Bros.),"THE FIVE HEARTBEATS" (20th Century Fox) and has co-starred with Robert Townsend in "METEOR MAN", due out early 1993.