How Etta met her husband Delbert, a truck driver for more then 20 years, is an unusual southern tale of romance and bladder-strength. Soon Etta was on her way towards domestic bliss. With three boys and a girl to raise shortly after the wedding, Etta drew from her favorite TV show, "My Three Sons" for inspiration: "I named ‘em Rob, Chip, Ernie and Tramp. My daughter thinks playing hard to get is wearing a three hook bra". Child-rearing has proven difficult at times: My kids are little monsters but my doctor gave me valium-what a wonderful drug! Then I realized the prescription was for me, not the kids!".

A career school bus driver for ten years, Etta May learned how to handle unruly children by armor-ailing the seats, then braking and watching ‘em roll. Her debut in comedy finally came one night while Etta worked as a bingo caller and as she recounts, "the ball sucker got stuck". Forced to entertain a room full of angry Catholics, her cross-over to stand-up comedy was inevitable.

Etta is a physical comic in the tradition of Carol Burnett, with shades of Lou Costello. Her humor filled with pearls of southern living, also connects with urbanites and students of sociology, who have yet to determine what impact Etta May will have on the minds of small children nationwide.

The comic herself is unconcerned with her impact -- unless it’s on wicker furniture. When asked about her television appearances she innocently remarked it’s great to be on TV....sure beats dusting ‘em". Though she lovingly describes her time spent with Jonathan Winters on "Davis Rules" as "he’s a man just two sandwiches shy of a picnic", Etta May loved working with the comedy legend, blissfully unaware that one day she may be one herself.