LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE VOICES YOU ARE ABOUT TO HEAR ARE THOSE OF FINIS HENDERSON….and until you see him live you can’t truly understand the necessity of this announcement which is made just before FINIS takes the stage. With Impressions ranging from ELVIS PRESLEY to PEE WEE HERMAN, FINIS amazes his audience to the point where they sometimes question If what they are hearing is FINIS or a prerecorded tape. Well, it is FINIS, and he is that good.

Reflecting a rare agility not generally seen since entertainment’s golden era, FINIS does it all, as a dynamic singer, comedian and dancer, he stands alone in this day of specialized show business. A native of Chicago, FINIS was exposed to show business at a very young age, as his father was a song and dance man and one time VP of SAMMY DAVIS JR. ENTERPRISES. Watching SAMMY DAVIS JR. perform was the inspiration for FINIS to become an entertainer. After moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, FINIS began honing an invigorating comedy routine at Hollywood’s COMEDY STORE. Since then, FINIS has been headlining CASINOS and COMEDY CLUBS from coast to coast. He has also been used as the support talent for STEVIE WONDER, RICHARD PRYOR, GLADYS KNIGHT, SAMMY DAVIS JR. and RODNEY DANGERFIELD

FINIS HENDERSON is a rising star with a bright outlook on the future..."l’m looking forward to doing it all, singing, comedy even Broadway eventually. Skeptics try to place people in tight little categories, well I have a category for them- "I am an entertainer" And so he is.