GARY CORSELLO was born in New York, and almost from the time he was old enough to make himself heard in the family, he was either singing or strumming on a guitar. Little Gary was a ‘natural’ from the very beginning, and at the tender age of 6, was beginning to sound uncannily like his future hero, the legendary Frank Sinatra. Of course, none of this escaped Mr. Corsello Sr., who promptly provided the youngster with his full and undivided support. However, something else was beginning to develop here.

It had also became increasingly obvious that Gary, all on his own and with no coaching from Dad, was developing a style and flair for mannerisms, gestures and all the nuances of the Sinatra persona. And the beauty of it all was that this conversion was a completely natural transition, not something dreamed up by the obsessions of a controlling stage parent. Gary was creating his own image in the likeness of a legendary icon that, at this point, he knew little about. But that was all to change. As Gary’s knowledge of Sinatra evolved from a youngster’s fascination with the singer to a comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of ‘The Man’ himself, the two have become inseparable.

The famous Sinatra anthology album, "The Man & His Music", is the basis of Gary’s one-man show. "A Tribute to The Man & His Music" takes you through the life of Sinatra from his early days with the Harry James to his come back tour of the 1980’s. Like the album, the great Sinatra’s music is augmented by stories and anecdotes told in Sinatra’s unique voice and style.

In the latest development in Gary’s career, famed Las Vegas producer, Jeff Kutash, who produced many of Sinatra’s concert tours, has signed Gary for his multimedia production of the life of Sinatra, entitled "The Main Event". This eighteen-cast member extravaganza is currently in rehearsal and development with an anticipated theatrical debut in London in the spring of 2000 and a subsequent production on Broadway.