Comedian George Wallace began his adult professional life selling rags to dentists, mechanics, airlines and all others who he could convince that there existed a need for these cloth items. However, after a year he decided it was time to move up from rags in search of riches. He began working in transit advertising, and within a couple of years, progressed to become Vice President of a company where he sold and supervised the selling of ad space on the sides of mass transits vehicles. Throughout this entire time, George was known as a successful businessman. Unbeknownst to all, his life in sales was only a pit stop on his strategically planned career path towards the first love of his life – Comedy.

As soon as George was ready to change careers, the transition occurred smoothly. Within a week Wallace was seen onstage at a comedy club and was offered a job writing for the "Red Foxx Show." He spent a year writing for the show by day and perfecting his standup routine be night. According to George, sales and comedy are very similar – "In advertising I has to sell space, whereas in comedy I have to sell myself."

As his reputation in comedy grew, George was suggested as a competitor for the cable television special "The Big Laff Off," he won over 150 entrants and captured the first prize of $2,000 and club engagements all over the country. From there, the jokes started flowing quicker and the audiences kept laughing.

George was recently nominated for the second year in a row as the 1992 "Best Male Standup Comedian" for ABC’s "American Comedy Awards." The award ceremony will be broadcast on ABC in March 1993.

George has been featured in his own HBO "One Night Stand," and has appeared in several motion pictures including "A Rage In Harlem," "Punchline," "Bert Rigby You’re A Fool," "Hot To Trot," "Things A Tough All Over" and "Post Cards From The Edge."

His television credits include regular appearances on "The Tonight Show," "The Arsenio Hall Show," "Ophra Winfrey," "Late Night With David Letterman," "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee," "Entertainment Tonight," "The Home Show," "Comic Strip Live," "Sunday Comics," and "E! Entertainment." George has also parlayed the part of boxing impresario Don King in the NBC Special "TV or Not TV."

George regularly performs in Las Vegas and has appeared at such major clubs as The Comedy Show, Improvisation, Catch A Rising A Star, Punchline and is currently selling out concert venues around the country. As a highly requested opening act, George has worked for many top name entertainers, including Kenny G, The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Donna Summer, Natalie Cole, Tom Jones, The Pointer Sisters, George Benson and Paul Anka.

By age six George knew that he wanted to be a comedian. Inspired by such great comedy greats as Red Skelton, Redd Foxx, Johnny Carson, Richard Pryor and Milton Berle he knew he would one day achieve his dream; however in order to be comfortable and successful, George realized that he had to have a "financial cushion." With ambitious intentions, he left his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to attend college at the University of Akron in Ohio. Upon graduating, armed with degrees in transportation and marketing, George hit the job market. However, her future career in comedy always remained alive in the back of his mind.

Wallace derives his comedy from everyday, simple sharing moments of his life. He finds humor everywhere he turns – from the media to relationships to dialogue clichés. At all costs, he avoids standard opening lines and is known to be an ace where reading an audience is concerned, playing with them through traps and tricks. Among other comedians George is known as "the guy who can roll the room over if it’s dead."

As for the future, George looks forward to more acting roles in films and television. He is currently preparing to shoot two television pilots in which he will star.