It has been said over and over that GORDIE BROWN is one of the most talented performers to surface in a long time, and a major star on the rise. Not only are Gordie’s various impressions perfectly accurate; he is also an incredible singer, dancer, and musician. It is rare to find a performer who can bring an entire crowd to its feet after every performance, but Gordie constantly leaves his audiences standing.

Gordie has worked hard to perfect his talent. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Gordie moved to Ottawa to work as a political cartoonist for the local newspaper. His co-workers entered him in an industry talent competition, and not only did he win first prize, he also received many offers for future performances. After appearing locally for a short time, Gordie knew it was time for a bigger challenge---Las Vegas.

In Vegas, it did not take Gordie long to become a local celebrity. He started as an act in a variety show, but his extraordinary talent was quickly recognized. He was approached by many big name Vegas talents, and has toured with, and opened for, names like Louie Anderson, Randy Travis, The Righteous Brothers, Paul Anka, Rich Little, and most recently Barry Manilow.

Gordie had his national television debut on A & E’s "Evening at the Improv", and everyone was so completely amazed by Gordie’s talent, they brought him back for a second appearance, just one month later.

What puts Gordie in a category all by himself is his incredible range of impressions. He can change from Sammy Davis Jr. into AxI Rose in the blink of an eye, and both impressions are uncanny. However, Gordie does not simply impersonate celebrities, he has incorporated all of his characters into comedic situations throughout his routine.

The combination of singing, dancing, guitar, facial expressions, and names such as: Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Garry Shandling, Geraldo Rivera, Clint Eastwood, UB4O, Michael Bolton, Neil Diamond, The Black Crows, Blind Melon, Tom Jones, Louie Armstrong, Katharine Hepburn, Ronald Reagan, etc. is an experience not to be missed. The list of Gordie Brown’s characters is endless. ..and so is his talent!