With his blending of modern day stand up and old fashion showmanship, Hiram Kasten has always stood out.

Since moving to Hollywood, Hiram has guest starred on some of the most popular sitcoms on television: Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad About You, Cybill, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Seinfeld, to just a few. However, his three appearances on Seinfeld have probably given him his highest visibility (and most residuals).

However, it is as a master of the ad-lib and elegant put-down, where Hiram gained his reputation. It started first in New York City at Catch a Rising Star and then with his own Sunday night show at Dangerfield’s for five years.

He’s since gone on to performing in clubs, casinos, and cruise ships all over North and South America. Hiram has also performed on ABC’s TV’s Politically Incorrect and was a regular on The Howard Stern Show.

A favorite at private and corporate parties, thanks to his unique ability at off-the-cuff humor, the audience feels Hiram tailors his act specifically for them. And, he does!

Hiram lives in Los Angeles with his wife Diane, and their five-year-old daughter, Millicent.