Huey Lewis and the News have been defying the rock oddmakers for nearly two decades. Their contagious brand of straight-ahead rock ‘n roll has outlasted countless trends, selling over 20 million albums worldwide in the process. For over 18 years they’ve carried the banner as the quintessential American rock band, endearing them to millions of fans and earning them the right to mark their place on the pop history map with the release of their first greatest hits album, Time Flies…The Best Of Huey Lewis & The News.

The album is packed with band classics and fan favorites, like 1983’s "Heart & Soul," 1984’s "I Want A New Drug," their beloved anthem "The Heart Of Rock n’ Roll," and 1886’s "Stuck With You," all culled from their back-to back multi platinum albums, Sports (1983) and Fore! (1986). In addition, the album includes the infectious "Power Of Love," from the 1985 hit film Back To The Future, which went all the way to number 1 on Billboard’s singles chart (the band’s first chart topper) and was nominated for an Academy Award. This will be the first time the legendary song will be made available on a Huey Lewis & The News album.

The album also includes two songs that were never officially released as singles, "Bad Is Bad," and "Trouble In Paradise," the latter song first appeared on The USA for Africa album. The group has also selected four new songs for inclusion on the LP, "When The Time Has Come," "Til The Day After," "So Little Kindness," and the new single "100 Years From Now."

Huey Lewis and the News have been stoking the rock fires since their humble beginnings in Bay Area rock clubs of the 1970’s. Formed officially in 1979, their only formula has been too perform and record with sweat on their brow, and their heart and soul firmly planted on their sleeves as they delivered seven albums worth of busting, optimistic music that fanned the flames of rock n’ roll’s more spirited roots. The News, which features saxophonist Johnny Colla, drummer Bill Gibson, guitarist Chris Hayes, keyboardist Sean Hopper, and new bassist John Pierce, who replaces outgoing member Mario Cipollina, have always been known as musician’s musicians. From Huey’s legendary shows with his former band Clover in the late ‘70’s, to the News’ Bay Area reputation as rock troubadours (a little known fact is that some if the members performed backup on the first Elvis Costello album), to their critically acclaimed homage to rock and R&B in the 1994 album Four Chords And Several Years Ago, the band’s simple mantra, according to Huey, has been to "always keep it pure, keep it honest." In all, Time Flies…The Best Of The Huey Lewis & The News showcases 16 songs from one of America’s greatest rock bands.

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