Jack Mayberry began doing comedy on the road at a very early age. Unfortunately, the road was the one in front of his house in rural West Texas and traffic was moving very fast. One day Jack’s family moved. And then they moved again and again and again for a total of twenty moves! Jack still has mail trying to find him! And while Jack doesn’t figure he got much in the way of a formal education always being the "new Kid" did help him develop as act.

At age eighteen Jack left West Texas and joined the United States Marine Corps where he reported seeing very little comedy action. However after receiving his Honorable Discharge in Beaufort, South Carolina, Jack landed a job at a local radio station as an on air personality. But, alas, all good things must come to an end and eventually Jack returned to West Texas.

Having discovered broadcasting as an attractive alternative to the family profession of cotton farming, Jack applied for, and got, a job at a radio station in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas. And, after only six months, was offered the prestigious morning drive position on a nearby medium market station. Within two years Jack was on the air in the top ten market of Houston and remained there for the next eight years. During that time he received awards for on air performance, voice-over work and commercial production. Then he discovered stand-up comedy.

The Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas was jumping in 1984. Crowds were lined up around the block. And on the marquee, "Tonight: Jack Mayberry." He had found his calling! Where had this been all his life? Why wasn’t this represented in high school on Career Day? "Stand up comedy" is what Jack Mayberry had been meant to do ever since he could,. .well, "stand up! Soon Jack signed off on his radio career and began traveling around the county headlining at colleges, comedy clubs and corporate events. Within five years he had moved to Hollywood and was appearing regularly on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Since then, Jack has appeared on numerous television programs including, A&E’s Evening at the lmprov, NBC’s Hot Country Nights and has made over twenty-five appearances on The Tonight Show. When Jay Leno began hosting The Tonight Show he asked Jack to appear in a comedy sketch to portraying presidential candidate Ross Perot! Although some might not , Jack took this as a compliment and accepted. After the show, Jack went home and watched the videotape and thought, "Yikes! I look exactly like Ross Perot! Now what am I going to do? Well many more "Tonight Show" sketches, that’s for sure. Eighteen so far! The most recent during the 1996 presidential race. And, in addition, Jack has "performed" (Or as Jack says,"Channeled") Perot for folks like: Pepsi, Prudential and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and at numerous trade shows and events representing communications giants including Micom and Nortel. In addition to his "dead on" caricature of Ross, his crowds are treated to his clean and funny stand-up comedy. In addition to his live stage appearances and numerous Tonight Show spots, Jack is currently working on several writing projects including his upcoming one man show.

So, Jack Mayberry is doing what he likes doing-"comedy on the road." Nice work if you can get it-and Jack is getting it-and his audiences from all parts of the country are getting it and loving it!