The spirit of magic touched Canadian born James Dimmare, at a very early age. Simple tricks performed by his father astonished the boy; professional magicians on television awed and inspired him. By the age of fourteen James was working local clubs and entering variety contests on television &ndash winning all of them.

Intense dedication, ambition, and hard work led to a successful, highly praised two hour contemporary illusion show -&ndashat age sixteen. Most youthful performers would have continued in the safe direction that brought such early success… but Dimmare was not like other performers &ndash young, or considerably older. Sensing at the time that smaller, more intimate magic might be preferred by audiences, James gambled his career, despite the admonition of friends that he stay with what ‘worked.’ He stored the cumbersome props, developed an original act with doves and parakeets, novel and innovative new magic effects, -- and most importantly, a persona; a brilliantly original and sophisticated style contemporary yet with the look and style that closely resembles the multi-talented and memorable Fred Astaire, that has earned him the admiration and unqualified respect of his magical peers.

This extraordinary illusionist dresses in a stunning tuxedo, captivates audiences with a penetrating enticing look and without saying a word transforms the imagination with unforgettable grace and dexterity.

James is considered to be one of the top ten acts in the world today &ndash performing at top night spots on several continents, appearing on international television, and a command performance for Prince Rainer of Monaco.

Along with frequent laudatory coverage in entertainment publications and magic magazines, Dimmare has been a recipient of many awards abroad, and in the States; including the prestigious "Stage Magician of the Year" award presented by the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in Las Vegas, the coveted Siegfried & Roy "Golden Lion Head Award." The only magician to win a Lion Head award twice!

Along with merging the style and class of the past with the sophistication of the present, he managed to find a contemporary balance in his full evening show. Going from the 40’s image right through to Rock & Roll. James’ performance is far more than an extremely successful, entertaining magic act &ndash it is an enchanting experience long remembered after the curtain closes.