A performer with a truly unique gift, a strong physical and vocal resemblance combined with an on stage charisma that rivals the master. With over 12 years experience, Jay White has spent half of that time starring in the it Las Vegas show Legends In Concerts. Amazingly authentic, he has stunned audiences with his likeness and when Jay wraps his voice around one of Diamond’s lyrics, he fills the room with real emotion.

Over 2,000,000 people have seen Jay White sing and perform as Neil Diamond since 1990. Jay has captivated audiences at Caesar’s, Harrah’s, Bally’s, Hiltons and countless theaters across North American and Hawaii. In addition, he has performed for top corporations including New York Life, McDonalds, IBM, K-Mart, Phillips Lighting and with Legendary performers Bob Hope and Ray Charles. Jay White has also performed on Entertainment Tonight, the "Vicki" show and two National Arthritis Telethons.

One of his greatest compliments came from Neil Diamond’s mother; she was completely overwhelmed and delighted with Jay’s performance.

Everywhere around the world Neil Diamond is a promoters dream and still remains the top solo arena draw in America. Let the power, passion and believability of Jay White electrifies your senses and your stage as he has for over 4,000 shows since 1982.