Jerry Springer has a reporter’s tenacity, a politician’s tact, a lawyer’s logic, an entertainer’s charisma and a father’s compassion. As the host of the "Jerry Springer Show," now entering its seventh season with over one thousand programs, he is seen throughout the world by millions of viewers.

Adding "country singer-songwriter" to his repertoire, he tells us, "It struck me that the subjects of country songs and the subjects of talk shows are very similar." Jerry then penned the title cut of his new country music CD, "Dr. Talk." He now opens for Billy Ray Cyrus, whenever scheduling allows.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Tulane University, he earned a law degree from Northwestern. Subsequently, he became a campaign aide for Senator Robert F. Kennedy, followed by Council-At-Large for five successive years and one of the country’s youngest mayors in Cincinnati.

Springer’s broadcasting career was launched at WLWT-TV in Cincinnati as a political reporter and commentator. He was an on-site reporter from Ethiopia and Sudan, documenting the effort to provide assistance to famine stricken Africans, in addition to being the recipient of seven Emmy Awards and voted television’s "Best Anchor" for five consecutive years.

Springer is the father of a daughter who was born physically challenged. Legally blind, deaf in one ear and born without nasal passages, Katie is now a college student, and is Jerry’s top priority. However, his heartfelt feelings are not just reserved for his own child.

He is the Vice President of the national Muscular Dystrophy Association, helping to raise money for children stricken with life threatening illnesses, he is dedicated to Improving the standard of our children’s education and he has established a scholarship fund at the Keliman School in Chicago that serves inner city youth.

Springer is truly a New York savvy personality, with mild-western warmth … the man who dissects serious subjects on "Larry King Live," and "Nightline," interviews notables such as George Bush and Jesse Jackson and is a concerned humanitarian. His determination to succeed and his ability to take what life has to offer and turn it into a positive experience, have contributed to his wide appeal.


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