Jim Breuer returns for his third year as a member of the "Saturday Night Live" cast this fall as the show begins its 23rd season.

Over the last two years on "SNL", Breuer has probably become best known for his original character "Goat Boy" and his Joe Pesci impression on the recurring "Joe Pesci Show". In April 1997, the real Joe Pesci along with Robert DeNiro appeared on "SNL" to confront Breuer and Collin Quinn about their respective portrayals.

A stand-up comedian since his college days on Long Island, New York, Breuer worked in Comedy clubs around the country for several years before deciding to try to become a regular on the New York comedy club circuit. After being in New York for only seven months, he landed a gig on the nationally syndicated show "Uptown Comedy Club", where he spent two seasons.

Breuer has been featured on many network and cable television showcases, such as NBC’s "Late Night with Conan O’Brien", "Friday Night", and ABC’s "Home Improvement". Also, Breuer recently shot his first half-hour special for Comedy Central’s "Pulp Comics" series.

During hiatus from "SNL" over the summer of 1997, Breuer filmed the feature film "Half Baked", a Bob Simonds Production for Universal Pictures, in which Breuer co-stars.

Breuer lives in New York City with his wife Dee.