"I talk about food," says actor/comedian John Pinette of his stand-up act. "Not so much because I’m a big guy, I think it’s the perfect common ground…everybody eats!"

With a body like Pavarotti and a singing voice like Tiny Tim, John began his comedy career doing vocal caricatures of celebrities such as Robin Leach, and the Chipmunks singing Jon Bon Jovi.

After graduating from the University if Lowell, Massachusetts, John became an accountant, achieving his family’s version of the All-American Dream which soon became his All-American Nightmare. "I denied my comic thing there for a while," he said. "I always make people laugh, but my family said that’s not the real world; I had to put on a suit and tie and be serious. After six months of accounting, I was like a canned postal worker. I said ‘something’s got to give.’" Nick’s Comedy Stop, one of Boston’s best-known comedy clubs, has an open mike night. Pinette gave stand-up a shot; within a year, he was a headliner.

John moved to Los Angeles and honed his skills on "Caroline’s Comedy Hour," "Showtime Comedy All-Stars" and "An Evening at the Improv." He has opened for Frank Sinatra, The Pointer Sisters, Miami Sound Machine, Terence Trent D’Arby, Howie Mandel, Ray Charles and Michael Bolton.

His success has led to numerous television and film appearances, the most notable being the athletic director who owned a diner on Fox’s "Parker Lewis." "I got to do some of the best work acting-wise," Pinette says. "Parker Lewis gave me a chance to just do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do."

Straying from the obvious typecasting, John has appeared in films such as "Reckless Kelly" and the TV flicks "Revenge of the Nerds lV" and "Thanksgiving Day." He was the referee on the syndicated series "Grudge Match," and he also shared a scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in "Junior." John was also featured in the Garry Marshall-directed comedy "Dear God," starring Greg Kinnear.

"I love to entertain people, and it sure beats being an accountant. I won’t even talk to my accountant. I get ‘Nam-like flashbacks from accountants. Some people had to deal with napalm. I had to deal with White-Out."