The American Comedy Awards named her American’s "Best Female Comedian" – crowning Judy the Queen of Comedy (an honor she has since gladly turned over to Richard Simmons). Adored by love slaves everywhere, Judy has a hit album on Elektra and starred in her own television specials for HBO, Showtime and Lifetime. Her television commercials for Diet Dr. Pepper have proven unforgettable. "You can’t get a body like mine in a bottle…" she quipped, "Unless you push real hard."

And that is not all: her best selling book "The Power of Judyism" tells the legend of Judy without once resorting to iambic pentameter. From street urchin accordion player to the spiritual leader of thousands. Judy has cooed her way to the top where she continues to define the cutting edge comedy. And deep down inside beats the heart of a true woman, a woman who wants to be a wife, and mother, and get puffed up by some stud sanitation worker with a prison record.