Comedy USA hails him as "One of the Top 4 Comedy Draw in the Nation."

There are killers bees …….. and then there is THE Killer Beaz!

The former is a nasty-tempered bug that has invaded the United States from the South; the latter a good-natured comedian who is following a similar path. Both can be dangerous to your well being; with Killer Beaz, however, the danger is all in the possibility of busting a gut in laughter.

Truett S. Beasley Jr., ("Thanks Dad!") got his start in show business playing the blues guitar in Jackson, Mississippi. Beaz, as his friends called him, played lead guitar. One night, while playing a solo, someone shouted, "That was killer Beaz!" The name stuck. So naturally, when Beaz made the jump to comedy, he carried the name with him.

And what a jump it was. Using intense desire and a belief that it was "meant to be" as a springboard, Beaz started out at the best place possible…the bottom!

"The Chitlin Circuit"

Biker bars, poll halls, country music places, and blues rooms all make up a string of one night stands throughout the Delta, known as "The Chitlin Circuit." These venues are completely lacking if pretense, with poor lighting, small stages, and a put-up or shut-up attitude from the audience. No gimmicks here, the only thing that works is pure talent, heart, and soul. During his 317 performances in these trenches, Beaz’s "Killer" stage presence was quite obvious. So much, in fact, that he was a three-time video award winner from Showtime Cable Network before he ever set foot on a comedy stage.

Now a regular on several national television shows, Beaz has one of the strongest, most faithful followings across the country. He packs’em in comedy clubs as a headliner from the Bahamas to Anchorage, Alaska, with stops in Vegas and about 30 states. All together that adds up to be about 350 shows per year. Beaz never stops humming.

He is constantly adding new material to his successful formula of high-energy humor with universal appeal. "Save Up!" Don’t miss an opportunity to catch "The Best Buss in town" …. You’ll be stung of life.