Larry Wilson can’t take magic seriously. But that’s no surprise to the corporate audiences who love his unique mix of comedy and magic. Audience laugh so hard they don’t realize how astounding his magic is at first. They’re also likely to find themselves in the show because Larry incorporates lots of audience participation.

How did a self-professed refugee from the Summer of Love wind up entertaining the biggest movers and shakers in Corporate America? "I never pursued the corporate market," Larry says. "But every time I appeared on TV people would ask me to perform at their corporate events. Then I realized that the captains of industry and I have a lot in common – we’re the same age, we grew up in the same times, we relate to the same things." His client list quickly expanded to include Ford, IBM, Sony, Kodak, NCR, Sunkist, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Anheuser Busch, Colgate and Honeywell.

The meticulous preparation and attention to detail that Larry puts into every corporate show are the same he’s put into hundreds of television appearances that have made him the only Emmy-nominated magician working today. Not Lance Burton, not David Blaine, not even David Copperfield can make that claim. The result? A smooth, self-contained, stress free evening of entertainment created especially for your company.

Larry and his assistants, The Flying Cavettis (two-thirds of the world’s worst acrobatic team), have been called "the Marx Bros. of magic" because they get the same kind of belly-laughs with their clean, family-friendly material. The greatest compliment they receive is from people who hate magic but love Larry Wilson & Co. That’s what executives from PAXtv said when they gave Larry his own television special, "Madcap Magic" last year.

What’s amazing is how effortlessly Larry makes corporate events into spectacular one-of-a-kind happenings. He knows you don’t have the time or inclination to become a talent booker/agent/producer/director/writer/impresario – leave that to Larry. His wealth of experience makes your event planning absolutely painless. Larry knows the secret to corporate entertaining: make it look easy. And that makes you look good.