Watching Louise DuArt perform is like being on a roller coaster with the Screen Actors Guild. The voices, characters, personalities, moods and impressions are an E Ticket ride through show business where the music and laughter never stop. To the poignancy of George Burn’s conversation with his angelic Gracie Allen, it’s a laugh-a-minute trip with Louise and over 60 of her closest friends. Along the way she manages to salute and skewer Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Barbara Walter and Dr. Ruth, to name but a few. And they are the lucky ones! Louise’ outrageous impression of Cher, who sings "Kiss My Tatoo" while she is waiting for the birth of her next boyfriend, never fails to bring the house down.

Among the critics, the real Carol Burnett and Shelly Winters gave Louise’ impressions of them rave reviews. George Burns once told her that she did the best Burns & Allen that he’d ever seen ….. and he’s seen them all!

DuArt story is classic. It’s of a kid who could always imitate her teachers … the young housewife who mimicked the mailman or the manicurist for a laugh.

Louise has garnered an Emmy Award Nomination for her own Showtime special, "The Secret Life of Barry’s Life," and for her performances in the syndicated specials, "Off The Wall." She was profiled extensively of "Entertainment Tonight’s Rising Star" series, and she did all the female voices in a series of NBC specials called "Spitting Image." She also created voices for the satirical and very popular Sid and Marty Krofft series "D.C. Follies."

DeArt’s television specials and voice-overs are legend in the comic community, as is her recent triumphant Broadway run and tour in the smash hit, "Catskills on Broadway."

You are cordially invited to join in the fun with Louise DeArt and her famous circle of friends… a circle that is endlessly growing … and singing…and laughing.