Just some of the things that have been said.

"When Forestieri makes his entrance, it’s double take city. His Silver Streaked hair and jutting jaw give him a spooky resemblance to the "Tonight Show" host. He also has his subjects voice down pat, as well as his mannerisms (especially that quizzical face Leno often makes)."

Chuck Darrow - The Courier Post


"Marcel Forestieri’s Jay Leno is quite a refreshing character study. He does Leno as if he were delivering a "Tonight Show" monologue. In fact, it’s incredibly current, and delivered with on the mark inflections and mannerisms."

Randy Alexander - The Times


"Marcel with his three-octave speaking range as Jay Leno…Clearly there is strength in the material, but the looks and moves are astonishing as well."

Charles Einstein - The Star Ledger


"You’ll think you’re watching the real thing…I enjoyed it immensely."

Pinky Kravitz - The Times