Michael Moschen has performed with the Big Apple Circus, with Bill Irwin in "Not Quite/New York" and "The Courtroom," with Lotte Goslar’s Pantomime Circus. He has toured to theatre and dance festivals in Hong Kong, Perth, Edinburgh, Barcelona, and Spoleto USA with Fred Garbo and Bob Berky in the Obie Award winning, "Foolsfire."

Mr. Moschen collaborated with Mr. Berky in the creation of "The Alchemedians" which was presented Off-Broadway in 1986 and has toured throughout North and South America.

In 1988 he created and performed "Michael Moschen in Motion" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s "Next Wave Festival." He also performed as part of the "Serious Fun Festival" at Lincoln Center.

Movie credits include "Hair" and "Annie." Mr. Moschen created, choreographed and performed with crystal balls as actor David Bowie’s hand in the Jim Henson film "Labyrinth."

Television appearances include "LA Law," "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson," "Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon," "The Montreal International Comedy Festival" on Showtime, Ricky Jay’s "Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women," "Sesame Street," "The David Letterman Show," and PBS’s "Alive from Off-Center." In 1991 he created and starred in "In Motion with Michael Motion" for Great Performances on PBS. He has made television appearances in England, Spain, Italy, Chili and Argentina.

Mr. Moschen is in constant demand for a wide range of corporate projects including industrial and educational films and live performances.

Mr. Moschen was commissioned by Cirque du Soleil to create and stage a new work for their permanent theatrical circus at the Treasure Island Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Mr. Moschen has received support from t he National Endowment for the Arts through choreographer’s fellowship and inter-arts grants (Thanks NEA). He was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.

Mr. Moschen in a NYC Fireguard.

When not performing Mr. Moschen is creating.

"Nobody else does what Michael Moschen does…he makes the impossible look easy."
Entertainment Tonight

"Michael Moschen’s performance is exhilarating, virtuoso entertainment…he gamely makes you privy to the secrets of the universe… the special relationship he attains with the inanimate fills objects with radiance. He honors them, gives them spiritual value, reveals their manna."
The Village Voice

"Michael Moschen’s works at a level of flawless purity. He makes the physical manipulation of objects into a uniquely profound and poetic form."
Los Angeles Times

"Mr. Moschen’s percussion piece inside a wooden triangle is unbelievably complex and beautiful to see. He animates crystal balls until they seem to assume a life and will of their own. It is a beautiful, mysterious and deeply felt work."
Associated Press

"Michael Moschen is a marvel, that’s certain. He’s a dancer, juggler, a shaper of space, a spinner of images, and an illusionist par excellence. He can be funny and punkish, and he knows the juggler’s tricks, but he can also be amazingly sensual and even spiritual as he brings life to these objects."
The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"In Mr. Moschen’s hands juggling becomes a balletic art. The extraordinary beauty of Mr. Moschen’s performance: he animates crystal balls, rolling them over his palms, around his fingers, and then across his body until they seem to have a life of their own, draws a sign of admiration from the audience."
Mel Gussow – The New York Times

"Mr. Moschen, who seduced us with his brilliance, whips flaming circles of light into the air like a Chinese ribbon dance."
Anna Kisslegoff – The New York Times

"The concept of perfection…I wonder if we will see anything more beautiful than what Michael Moschen achieves with a ball of glass."
London Times

"Michael Moschen is a juggler, a kind of dancer-physicist – at the threshold where Newton’s laws cease to apply – someone who can bend and twist the visible world out of the norm through the sheer grace of his own movements…supernatural…divine."
The San Francisco Examiner