Multi-grammy winner NATALIE COLE will leave no stone unturned in her search for the perfect song. Her brilliant career has encompassed over three decades of heartwarming vocal performances, covering songs from virtually every musical era. Never one to rest on her laurels, the legendary vocalist has again created her own mosaic of incomparable Nat King Cole classics and other standards from America’s most lush musical era and graced them with her elegant touch. Her captivating new album, Stardust, enriches the tradition she established with her multi-platinum ‘Unforgettable, With Love in 1991, honoring a legacy of music revitalized under the direction of Natalie, and her producers David Foster, George Duke and Phil Ramone.

Included in the 18 song opus are songs made famous by her father, like "Where Can I Go Without You," and "Let’s Face the Music And Dance," as well as classic nuggets originated by legends Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Vaughn and Dinah Washington, among others. "All of these songs have a wonderful ambiance to them," says Natalie. "They kind of give you that warm feeling of someone putting their arms around you. I like to think of myself as not just a singer, but an interpreter as well. I like to paint pictures - and each of these songs reflect their own different kind of colors."

Cole’s palette covers a wide spectrum of standards, from the Hoagy Carmichael title song "Stardust" to Dinah Washington’s famous calling card "What A Difference A Day Made," to a beautifully understated interpretation of a lesser known Nat King Cole find, "To Whom It May Concern." Natalie and her father are among a handful of singers ever to record that particular treasure, which was penned by Cole and Natalie’s Aunt Charlotte Hawkins.

Natalie, known for delivering a lyric with an intensity few singers have ever matched, serves up the kind of unique perspective that only a daughter can on the album’s cornerstone, another timeless duet with her father, the Victor Young/Edward Heyman 1952 gem "When I Fall In Love." Natalie and Nat are again magically united with the help of recording technology that also plants an ebullient Nat King Cole hammond organ solo on the robust version of "Let’s Face The Music And Dance." But the songstress’ knack for finding the right material goes well beyond the reach of even her legendary



In 1993, Natalie followed up Unforgettable With Love with the critically acclaimed Take A Look which went gold and snagged her a grammy for Best Vocal Performance. She also teamed up with Frank Sinatra that year to record "They Can’t Take That Away From Me," which appeared on his multi-platinum album, Duets. In 1994, Elektra released Holly And Ivy, a brilliantly jazz-imbued Christmas album that added sparkling orchestration to some of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs. The album also went gold. Natalie also dedicated herself to acting in the early ‘90’s, making her acting debut in 1993 with a critically-lauded appearance in the season finale of NBC’s acclaimed series "I’ll Fly Away." In 1994 she starred in the title role in the USA Network Premiere Movie "Lily In Winter." Natalie expanded her acting credits in 1995, performing as Glinda, Good Witch of the North in the TNT broadcast of a special Lincoln Center Production of "The Wizard Of Oz." In December of that year she guest starred in an episode of the CBS series "Touched By An Angel." Natalie’s plans for 1996 include writing her autobiography, producing an 1-IBO Picture based on her life, and of course, releasing her fourth Elektra album, Stardust.

And so, Natalie again has found herself in front of a canvas that covers the broadest of musical landscapes. But again she is confident about her craft, approaching the new album with the subtlety and sensitivity of any great painter On $1a~dust, Natalie is careful to lull us in from her own vantage point, letting us hear and see her own thumbnail sketches from this marvelous canon of American pop music "These songs deserve to be kept alive because when you think about it, each of them are wonderful stories in their own right," says Natalie always understating her role in the making of the magic~

But with passionate singers like Natalie Cole still stepping up to the challenge of such great material, these songs will continue to stand the test of time. They only need a voice. A storyteller. And like all the great vocalists, within Natalie Cole lies the heart of a wonderful storyteller.