Funny fresh and versatile. Pam Stone stands head and shoulders above other comedians. At six feet tall, the blonde haired actress, writer, comedienne can state that – literally. Height notwithstanding, however, her talents stand their own. Most people remember Pam for her role on the ABC-TV hit series "Coach." As women’s basketball coach, ‘Judy Watkins,’ Pam conveyed a tough competitiveness, softened by an underlying femininity, in her ongoing feud with Craig T. Nelson’s ‘Coach Hayden.’

She won an American Comedy Award for Best Female Standup Comic in 1993 after being nominated five years in a row: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. In addition, Pam appeared in the 1994 film "Radioland Murders," starring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Although raised in the South, Pam’s parents were both British, which would explain her lack of a Southern accent and her pragmatic view of the regional stereotypes. She recalls. "It’s not like we’d sit down to a leg of lamb and a side of grits. In fact, I didn’t even know what grits were. I thought it was something that built up on the tile behind the shower curtain and, when I was told that it was something that Southerners love to eat, I wasn’t too surprised. Heck, these are the same people who consider frosted pork rinds a delicacy."

Her early interests were in a performing art of a very different kind. A skilled equestrian, she trained in jumping and dressage and dreamed of completing in the Olympics. The realization that few can make a lucrative career out of riding forced her to consider other options and Pam moved on to study Journalism at Kennesaw College in Georgia. The play was to get a ‘regular job’ and make enough money to support herself while continuing to complete as an equestrian. It was not to be.

While working her was through college, she landed the job that effectively changed her life. Waitressing at Atlanta’s Punchline Comedy Room, her sharp observations and quick wit were noted by coworkers who challenged her to get up on stage on amateur night. She was a smash and before long she was appearing in amateur clubs around Atlanta. Hooked, Pam’s popularity grew and she eventually left college to move to Los Angeles to pursue her comedy career.

Making her mark early in the renowned comedy clubs of LA, Pam has since worked steadily, even as her style has changed and evolved. Inspired by the elite comic community of Los Angeles, Pam was encouraged to develop her humor from the self-deprecating jokes of the tall skinny girl who felt like a "geek" in high school, to more contemporary material reflecting her personal observations.

Today, her comedy remains a sophisticated blend of insights and satire; delivering punch lines with a twist. "Men and women have always had problems relating. As children, men were told: ‘Be a man. Don’t cry!’ and women were told: ‘Let it out! Cry – you’ll feel better!’ And that’s why, as adults, women become very emotional and men become snipers!"

Her ability to present situations that we can all relate to which she "cartoons out of proportion" has made her a favorite of critics and audiences. She has appeared on numerous televisions shows, including "The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno," "Entertainment Tonight," "Joan River’s Show," "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and the NBC special "Bob Hope and Other Young Comedians." The response to her appearance on "Showtime’s Comedy All-Stars" was so positive that it lead to a Showtime Special in 1991 spotlighting Pam and Thea Vidale entitled "A Pair of Jokers."

When she is not performing or writing, Pam still loves to ride and as she puts it, "I spend 100% of my free daylight hours in a barn. Nothing romantic – just mucking out stalls." The story of how she came to own her thoroughbred/Percheron mix horse, Moose, is the stuff of tearjerker movies. Abused and emaciated, he was rescued from the slaugtherhouse and put up for sale. If not sold, his fate was sealed, but Pam saw his potential and bought him for a few hundred dollars. Setting out to train him with love and trust, she turned him into a proud equestrian champion who competes and wins.

Today, Pam continues to headline at venues across the country.