Paula Poundstone’s insightful musing about the world around her have been catching on like a house on afire and the reason is simple… she tells the truth and makes it funny. About her life as she lives it, about our public figures as she sees them and about the little things in life we may have noticed ourselves but never stopped to reflect on. She shares the personal nature of her visions with a world not used to hearing such humorous honesty &ndash and leaves audiences in awe of her talent.

Whether she’s talking about politics, Pop Tarts or parking, Paula puts her own unique spin on the subject at hand and she’s become one of the foremost topical humorists working today. A highlight of the 93’ Emmy Awards telecast with her backstage commentary, she added much-appreciated humor to the proceeding. Also in 93’ she starred in her own short lived comedy series for ABC-TV titled "The Paula Poundstone Show," an hour long ‘comedy primer for the 90s’ wherein celebrity guests "regular Joes" and the studio audience carried equal humorous weight. Early in 94 she again provided humorous commentary of the Oscar Awards on the E! Entertainment Television Oscar coverage. Recently, she made a special appearance on the Comedy Hall of Fame Awards which aired on NBC in October 94’ and she performed on the ABC special "A Gala for the President at Ford’s Theatre" in Washington, DC along with Whoopi Goodberg, Paul Reiser, Luther Vandross and others which aired in December 94.

Previously, she headlined the prestigious White House Correspondents Dinner held in Washington, DC in May 92 where she addressed a crowd comprised of journalists, congressional members, cabinet heads and … President Bush himself! Over that summer, Paula served as the ‘official correspondent’ at the Democratic National Convention in New York and the Republican National Convention in Houston for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" filing live reports via satellite from the convention floor each night. And, to top off the political year, she was ‘official correspondent’ once again for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to cover the inaugural activities of President Clinton.

Branching into other areas as well, Paula made her dramatic acting debut in January 93 on an episode of the NBC series "Reasonable Doubts" starring Mark Harmon and Marlee Matlin. And, already an accomplished writer who’s written occasional features of the Los Angeles Time Sunday Calendar section Entertainment Weekly and Buzz Magazine, she’s now a contributing editor for the bi-weekly Mother Jones magazine.

Paula’s other credits include starring in her own one-hour comedy special which premiered on HBO in November 90. Titled "Cats, Cops and Stuff" it featured Paula "having a conversation with the audience" as only she can do and it won cable television’s highest honor, the CableACE award, in 92 as Best Stand-Up Comedy Special.

February 92 saw her starring in her own series of specials for HBO. A talk show with a twist, "The Paula Poundstone Show" was part stand-up, part talk show, part performance art and totally funny. Done as four half-hours, each show featured an unusual mix of guests, musical performances and Paula’s special talent for interacting with audience. It was a huge success with critics and viewers alike and led to Paula’s second consecutive CableAce award in 93’ as Best Program Interviewer.

In 1989 Paula was voted as American Comedy Award as Best Female Standup and starred in her own "One Night Stand’ comedy special for HBO. She is also a frequent guest on both "Letterman" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and has appeared on a number of comedy specials and shows including HBO’s first "Women Of The Night," NBC’s "Saturday Night Live," Showtime’s "Just For Laughs," an "HBO Young Comedians Special" and the last four live Comic Relief benefits.

In addition, she starred in a national television commercial for Chevy Trucks and became the first stand-up comic ever invited to perform on Garrison Keillor’s very popular public radio show (she made a return appearance on his show in April 92). Rounding out her credits, she was featured on the comedy album "Women Of The Night" (along with Diane Ford and Cathy Ladman) which was released in 1988 through A&M Records and she served as an Executive Consultant on the Showtime original comedy series "Poison" that same year. She’s also featured in two photo essay books, "The Rolling Stone Book of Comedy" and "Comedy Explosion."

She has been called eccentric, but only if you find eating an inordinate amount of Pop Tarts, knowing exactly how many states Ring Dings are sold in, vacuuming the cat’s face and buying dog food cans for just the labels (though she doesn’t have a dog) on the odd side of normalcy. Paula was born in Alabama, raised in Massachusetts, moved to San Francisco and is now living in Los Angeles. To give you an idea of her upbringing, Paula tells this story about her Mom; "She used to get mad over absolutely everything. I remember one time I knocked a Flinstones glass off the table and she said, ‘Dammit, we can’t have any nice things.’"

The Los Angeles Times has said, "Poundstone epitomizes what is great and special about stand-up comedy. She isn’t just funny. She re-invents her act each night…" High praise indeed but Paula Poundstone is no stranger to great reviews &ndash and she’s continuing to fly high as a most interesting work in progress.