Pauly Shore has been entertaining audiences worldwide with his feature film roles and his witty stand-up routines. His charming and untamed style has attracted a consistent following of loyal fans, bridging generation gaps from the original MTV generation to the "X" generation.

Pauly recorded his first comedy album "The Future of America", which in 1991 earned him The College Music Journalists Best Comedy Album. He received a National Association Record Merchandising Best Sellers Award nomination for his second album, "Scraps From the Future," and "Pink Diggly Diggly," his third album, was taped live at The Comedy Store.

Pauly began to come to the attention of a greater nationwide audience with MTV’s "Totally Pauly," which debuted in 1990 and continued with a four year run. In 1993 he starred in a one hour HBO television special "Pauly Does Dallas," based on his own original concept and produced by MTV, for HBO.

His feature film debut came with the wildly popular "Encino Man," for Hollywood Picture. It was the first of a three-part picture deal with Walt Disney Studios. "Son In Law," the second movie, a box office smash hit, further established Pauly as an internationally recognized actor. The third film with Hollywood Pictures, "In the Army Now," was yet another box office success and "Jury Duty," with Sony Studios, "Bio Dome," with Stephan Baldwin for MGM and "The Curse of Inferno" with Jeanie Turner for Showtime continued to ensure Pauly’s popularity with film going audiences worldwide. In addition to the theatrical release achievements, Pauly’s movies have consistently performed as best sellers in the video rental and retain market place.

This winter in 2000, Pauly’s engaging autobiography entitled "How’d You Expect Me to Turn Out?" will be released. Keep an eye out for Pauly’s directoral debut, an unpredictable mockumentary entitled "Spooge." The stylistic manner is a bit "Roger and Me" meets "Truth or Dare" meets "Cops" as we follow him on his escapades through The Cannes Film Festival, NYC, Las Vegas, LA and even the mid-west.

In February, Disney is releasing the animated film "Another Goofy Movie" and Pauly is the voice of Goofy’s son’s best friend.