ROGER BEHR’S stage performance showcases his talents as a stand—up comic, vocalist and actor. He offers a wide range of caricatures of top—forty artists that vary from the hard—edged Axl Rose of Guns’n n Roses to the sultry, sexy voice of George Michael to the down—home country twang of Garth Brooks. Reviews across the country have singled out BEHR’S "sense of satire and parody" and his exact carbons of celebrity voices, all rolled up into a "multi—talented, sharp—witted lunatic."

"I do vocal impressions, but the basic concept is to combine music and comedy in that all my music is geared with punchlines. I may do a REM think which is obviously for a younger audience, but for an older audience who doesn’t know who REM is, I still have a punchline which they can understand and enjoy," says BEHR.. "It’s contemporary comedy on contemporary music."

The past year has been a busy one for BEHR, the actor. Currently, he is co—starring and playing the part of "Rocko the Clown", in the new series "Circus" premiering this year on the Fox Network. He was featured in Albert Brooks’ film "Defending Your Life," starring Brooks and Meryl Streep. The Geffen Film Company production distributed by Warner Brothers, was a hit with movie—goers and critics alike. In addition to "Defending Your Life," BEHR performed on "Showtime At The Apollo," "An Evening At The Improv," and is a recurring role on the award—winning children’s series, "Zooblee Zoo." A veteran of more than 200 television and radio commercials, BEHR most notably was the voice of "Mac Tonight" for McDonald’s.

A native of Chicago, BEHR’S first introduction to performing came at an early age. By the age of sixteen, he was singing professionally at Mr. Kelly’s, Chicago’s world—famous nightclub, performing a repertoire of pop, rock, and R&B hits. His love for music continued at the University of Tennessee where he earned a degree in theatre and music.

While in college, BEHR co—founded the singing group "The Gentlemen" and achieved his first taste of success with "Babe" a moderate hit on the country/western charts. It was at this time, that he began writing comedy material for the group, "to add humor to our performances so our audience could have a break from the continuous music." Thus BEHR unleashed his writing talents and started to follow another path into the creative arts.

Following graduation, BEHR became an associate at an advertising firm where he wrote, produced and directed nationally syndicated television commercials. In 1979, he decided to pursue his love of performing and relocated to Los Angeles, to start a new career as a comic. Soon after arriving, BEHR convinced Roger Pelz, a college friend, to join him in Los Angeles and within two short weeks, the pair auditioned for the owner of the world—famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Known as the comedy team of Roger & Roger, the two became very successful, headlining in nightclubs across the country, recording two comedy albums, and touring both nationally and internationally as co—stars with several top—of—the—chart recording artists. They made innumerable appearances on virtually every major talk show and variety show and were guest stars on "The People’s Choice Awards." After an amicable split in 1987, BEHR returned to his roots at the Comedy Store and developed his new single act, which has propelled him to several headlining engagements around the country including the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. BEHR has also co—headlined in the main showrooms of Caesars Palace and the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace in Lake Tahoe and Caesars Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

BEHR is always thinking up new angles, new material, ultimately caring about his audience above all else. "T love entertaining so much that I can’t give less than my all,’ explains BEHR. In a business that produces over—night sensations, which actually evolve over many years, ROGER BEHR seems poised to be show business’ next such sensation. However, given his varied background and his multitude of talents, BEHR’S star seems destined to not only shine brightly for a moment, but for many years to come.