A four-legged man stands alone on stage; a glowing neon landscape silhouettes his striking physique. "Let’s do it," he yells, and suddenly we are transported into a bizarre and utterly fantastic world where elevators descend from nowhere and doorways lead directly into the unknown. Welcome to the World of Rudy Coby: a living, cartoon wonderland where people of all ages can witness their wildest dreams come true.

Rudy Coby has pursued his own dreams ever since he was a child. His youthful fascination with James bond films, his knack for writing and illustrating original comic books, and his enthusiastic study of theatrical make-up and effects techniques all contributed to his current status as The Human Cartoon. But Rudy’s career as an entertainer really began at the age of nine, when his parents gave him a magic set for Christmas. Since the instructions were written entirely in Japanese, Rudy relied on his vivid imagination to dream up routines of his own.

Rudy’s first performance were at neighborhood parties, and the young magician’s presentation was so startling and inventive that children and adults alike were thoroughly captivated by his far out antics.

Although Rudy never considered himself a traditional magician, he received the honor of being named Magician of the Year by the New York Society of American Magicians at the remarkable age of 12. At the age of 13 he was awarded the same title for a second consecutive year.

Word of Rudy’s animated style spread quickly throughout the entertainment community, allowing him to travel extensively while expanding his show to include spectacular original illusions based on his most imaginative childhood fantasies.

To date, Rudy has performed in New York, Hollywood, Paris, Tokyo, Germany, London, Holland and Hong Kong…not to mention everywhere in-between. Millions of people have seen Rudy’s show both live and on international television. His credits include MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour, Disney’s All Star Circus, the World’s Greatest Magicians at the Magic Castle, and, most recently, the prime time series Magic Comedy Show which he hosted and starred in for Thames Television in London.

Rudy’s fresh approach and universal appeal have earned extended performances at casinos in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. He has appeared so often at Trump’s Castle in Atlantic City that he considers it a second home. His new wave style is so contemporary that he regularly headlines at the famed Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris; yet his showmanship is so sophisticated that he can please even the most demanding of audiences… as witnessed by his Command Performance for the Royal Family in Monte Carlo.

Rudy still possesses the imaginative outlook of a wide-eyed child. Four legs, rubber arms and a shadow with a mind of its own are his trademarks. Flying chains, exploding suitcases and beautiful robot assistants are the highlights of his show.

Standing six-foot-three, in the most fashionable of clothing, Rudy Coby is a classic Lunch Box Hero who was named The Official GQ Magician by Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine. He is a "living cartoon" in the tradition of the great Warner Brothers characters who could do the impossible for the sake of entertainment, and his world is a tapestry of visual delight that would make Walt Disney proud. Quite simply, Rudy’s show is triumph of the imagination that one must see in order to believe.

So if you see a good-looking guy with an outrageous hairdo skateboarding down the sidewalk on four legs, you can be pretty sure he’s Rudy Coby. Walk up, introduce yourself and ask him to show you something impossible. Odds are, he’ll flash a charismatic smile and say the words, "Let’s do it!"