Psychic Comedian

When you and your group are looking for some comic relief, that’s the time to call Psychic Comedian Scott Bloom. Is this "surprise guest speaker" a bona fide psychic or a professional comedian? Actually, he’s both.


A favorite of the corporate market, Scott Bloom’s custom-written comedy show brilliantly spoofs the so-called "world renowned psychics" who have the amazing gift for stating the obvious.

"Be honest with me, sir. When you were younger.. .were you a kid?"

"I’m seeing the name of one of your coworkers. Just give me the first. four letters of their first name." -

Unlike other comedians, Scott’s act is specifically written with a corporate audience in mind. Scott plays off our fascination (and skepticism) with personal psychics and twists it into a hilariously funny stand-up routine that’s clean, clever, and always in good taste. Here’s how the fun begins...

He is introduced to your group as Master Psychic Scott Broom, one of the foremost psychics in the country. Using his quick wit and an engaging delivery, Scott masterfully weaves his stand-up material and "inside jokes" into his humorous psychic readings. As the laughter builds, the audience quickly catches on that this psychic does have a very special talent (for comedy, that is).

In addition, Scott will enlist members of the audience to participate in two hilarious, original "improv" exercises called Professor Synergy and the Affirmation Echo. During these scripted comedy bits the group gets to sit back and laugh as their co-workers share the spotlight on stage with a professional comedian.

Behind the scenes, Scott will work with the client to get the buzzwords, the anecdotes -- the inside scoop -- so that every show is perfectly tailored for each audience. The result &mdash an uproariously funny comedy performance that’s guaranteed to leave ‘em laughing and wanting more!

So next time you are looking for the perfect entertainment for your meeting, anniversary celebration, banquet dinner or roast, bring in Psychic Comedian SCOTT BLOOM...the psychic who has a sixth sense for comedy.